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Water-Activated Packaging Tape


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Secure packages and promote your brand with custom packaging tape.

  • White kraft paper, water-activated adhesive
  • 2.9“ wide tape on 3” ID core
  • Theft- and tamper-proof reinforced paper
  • 1 application sponge included

Secure packages with flair
Looking to make your deliveries stand out while ensuring they stay secure? Our gummed tape takes a packaging essential to the next level, with custom printing that showcases your brand with every box that's delivered. Reinforced for strength, this custom tape guards against theft and tampering. Just moisten with the included sponge, apply and seal your packages with your logo or design.

A branded look
Personalize your water-activated tape with your business name, logo or a festive pattern. Whether you’re sending out a few pieces or need to seal up multiple shipments, we’ve got you covered!

Easy to customize
It’s easy to create your custom packaging tape. upload your image and we’ll take care of the rest and deliver your professionally printed custom gummed tape to you.

Application Guide: Custom Gummed Tape
Follow the steps below to quicky and easily apply your gummed tape.

1. Measure & Cut: Measure the tape to your desired length, then cut using a pair of scissors.

2. Wet: Run the damp sponge on the non-printed side to activate adhesive

3. Apply: Now that the tape is cut and the adhesive is activated, carefully apply the tape until it bonds to your box or envelope.